Friday, May 2, 2008

Starlight: Constellations 4 - Hercules


Starlight Part 4
Whew! Only one hour to go before midnight, but I managed to get another constellation to you as I had hoped!  This is the fourth in our series, Hercules (the Hero).  As before, the constellation is presented with and without lines, as well as the title, in png format, created at 300 ppi, and in proportion to the other constellations in this series.  More stargazing ahead...stay tuned!

Click here to download.

Moving Day!
I have officially moved my blog to this location on Blogger.  It seems to run much faster, and is easier for my visitors.  All of you who subscribed via e-mail will continue to receive newsletters from the new blog. However, I believe those subscribed via RSS feed will need to re-subscribe.  (Sorry for any inconvenience, but I think this will benefit all of you overall.)
Remember, I'd love to see (and post if you permit) any layout you've done using my designs!  Also, if you have any requests, please let me know and I'll try to accommodate them if I can.  The entire Yard Sale kit arose from one visitor's request for a grass overlay! :)
Hugs to everyone,

Starlight: Constellations 3 - Orion


Starlight: Constellations 3
Today is our third constellation - another of my childhood favorites, Orion (the Hunter).  As with the rest in this series, the constellation is at 300 ppi in png format, and includes the constellation with and without lines, as well as the title, all with a soft glow.  
If I have the chance, I'll try to post another for you tonight, since I missed yesterday!  :)
 Click here to download.
Notes for the Day:
Well, we have only had two winner so far in the "needle in the haystack" contest from Yard Sale Part 4.  Lois found it first, then Mandy.  I've had a couple of folks think they had found it, but hadn't.  OK, I'll help you all just a bit, but finding a needle in a haystack isn't supposed to be TOO easy!  LOL  So, here's a picture of the needle, so you can clearly see what you are looking for!  
We've had lots of winners, on the other hand, for the shrubbery quote contest from Yard Sale Part 7! Congratulations to all of you, and the prize is still available for more winners!  
We've had a busy couple of days - but some fun ahead.  This weekend, we are taking a class that will allow us to become licensed to adopt children from foster care.  As much as I love fostering, it is so hard to say goodbye when the kids return to birth families.  We'd love to be able to offer some a permanent home - there are so many kids out there just waiting for a "forever family."   It's the start of a new chapter in our lives...

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