Friday, February 27, 2009

Patterned Papers from Niagara Falls Fencing

Commercial Use
Niagara: Fence Papers
Today's freebie is another from a photo I took at Niagara Falls.  The photo, shown below, is of a portion of the fencing along the walkway where the Canadian side of the Falls can be viewed.  The papers are 12x12, 300 ppi, and are OK for commercial use.  They are offered in dark and light grayscale, to re-color as you wish, and also in the 12 colors that coordinate with my previous CU freebies.  I hope you enjoy them!
Click HERE to download grayscale versions.
Click HERE to download Colors Part 1.
Click HERE to download Colors Part 2.
Click HERE to download Colors Part 3.

This is the photo I used to make the papers:
Notes for the day:
It's been a busy week, as usual.  Lots of appointments and paperwork to continue preparing for our upcoming adoption.  Making great progress, though!
I do plan on releasing the same pattern used for today's papers as an overlay so you can make it in a contrasting color to the background if you like - I will also prepare a border with the same design.  Should be to you in the next few days.
A question for you - I have read some concerning news that some people have been having trouble with viruses from 4Shared files - I am not sure how that stands, or whether it may have been fixed by now.  So far, I have found 4Shared the most convenient format to offer files to you, but would be happy to consider other options, if anyone has suggestions.  I do need to make sure it has affordable storage space, and it would be great if I could find one that notifies you of new comments without having to sift through each and every file looking for new ones! Any information you could share with me would be helpful - just click on the link below my photo at top of this page to e-mail me.
Many thanks to everyone for you wonderful comments on the last post - it's so nice to hear that I was missed!  :) 
Hugs to everyone,

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