Monday, August 11, 2008

Gem Brooches - Commercial Use

Commercial Use
Gem Brooches
Today's freebie is a gem brooch that belonged to my paternal grandmother.  It is presented in both light and dark gray for recoloring, as well as in 12 additional colors, coordinating with many of my previous CU freebies.  These were created at 300 ppi, and saved as png files. I hope you enjoy them!
Click HERE to download.

Notes for the day:
Yes, I'm STILL working on rezipping all my previous files to increase compatibility for you - if you have any issues with my files, please e-mail me so I can reply to you and work to correct any problems.   

For those of you who have been keeping Mrs. A. (see above) in your thoughts and prayers, I'd like to update you a bit.  I actually met her in person for the first time today, when I was delivering another load of baby furniture and clothing.  I found her to be one of the most selfless, sweet and inspiring people I could ever hope to meet. We talked for nearly 2 hours, and I felt as if I had truly found a kindred spirit.  I hope you all know how very much you have done to help her and her family.  For this, I am EXTREMELY grateful.  The is scheduled to be delivered later this week (Thursday), after which Mrs. A. will delve into aggressive chemotherapy.  Thoughts and prayers will be needed even more then.  If any of you know of good books to help her family, especially her children, cope with this, I would appreciate any recommendations you may have!

I spent a good bit of this evening playing with the sewing machine my husband got me for our 10th anniversary in May.  He is a video producer and needed a large fabric diffusion screen that could easily attach to a frame, which he will use to soften the lighting during filming.  It's taking a lot of time (and a lot of Velcro), but I'm having fun doing it. My old sewing machine, which had been with me for 20 years, could no longer sew backward, which made it hard to lock off the seams.  I didn't know what I was missing - this new electronic type has a lot of features that make things run more smoothly. I even found a lady who refurbishes old sewing machines (or uses them for parts if she can't fix them) and teaches sewing classes for homeschoolers.  I'm going to donate my faithful old macine to her and see if it can still do any good for anyone.  If not, may it rest in peace in sewing machine heaven...
Out with the old...
In with the new! :)

Hugs to everyone,

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