Monday, May 5, 2008

Starlight: Constellations 6 - Perseus

Starlight: Constellations
Perseus (Hero)
This is our sixth of the constellations, Perseus (Hero).  I selected it because of its close proximity to yesterday's posting, Pegasus.  There are interesting stories about the connections between the two (as well as another in the story...).  As before, this is a set of title with constellation (with and without lines), in png format, 300 ppi.  As before, the actual png files are sized so the constellations are in proper proportion with each other (though this one and Ursa Minor look larger and brighter due to resizing for preview purpose only.)  Who can guess which constellation I have planned for tomorrow?

Click here to download.

Notes for the day:
A note to Katey M. (oniska) who posted on 5/1 requesting a treadle sewing machine - yes, I do take requests, and try to do them if I'm able.  I'm working on yours, but need to get some more detail about how you would like it to look.  Please e-mail me so we can discuss it, and I'll get something made for you!  :)
Sorry to be so brief tonight - it's been a tough day.  I had some tests done this morning which were abnormal, and have to return to the doctor tomorrow morning to discuss options, so I've spent most of the evening looking up info online.  I'll share more later, when I know more.  If you would wish me good news, I would appreciate it.
Hugs to everyone,

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