Thursday, June 19, 2008

April Flowers - Commercial Use Freebie

Commercial Use
April Flowers
Well, you did it again!  I have now met TWO of my stated goals: a kit downloaded over 1000 times (Yard Sale Part 7: Shrubbery), and over 10,000 visitors!  I promised you treats when these occurred, so here's the first one - I didn't expect both goals to be met the same day, so I'm still working on your next thank-you gift! :)  These are 6 flowers for personal or commercial use, the same ones used in the last 2 recolored sets.  They are from actual photographs I took this April after some friends gave me bouquets for my birthday/get-well.  They are at 300 ppi, grayscale.  Please let me know what you think, and I would also love to hear what types of commercial use freebies you would like to see.

Click HERE to download.

Notes for the day:
Well, we're heading off to Indianapolis today! I'm so excited to go to the Children's Museum again - this will be the third visit for me and the girls, but the first time for my hubby and the rest of the kids!  Don was finally able to break free from work long enough to go there when he found out they have a new animation exhibit - he is a video producer, loves movies, and will find the exhibit lots of fun, I'm sure!  
We had a fun night last night - my daughters went grocery shopping with me and were incredibly nice to each other the whole time, then came home and baked cupcakes together. We all stayed up late having fun baking (and eating...).  There was so much joy and laughter, I just wanted to keep those moments forever. So, a picture is as close to forever as I could get...

Hugs to everyone,

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