Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Tutorial :)

Using Overlays
As promised yesterday, here is my first tutorial for you, as requested by Sharon.  It will teach you the basics of using overlays, making use of my recent Mystery Overlay for examples.  You can obtain much more interesting effects using a variety of colors and textures underneath, but for teaching purposes, I used the overlay simply over a plain pink background.  I hope you will find it helpful!  For those of you already familiar with overlays, I would appreciate any feedback or corrections to the tutorial - it was done strictly from my own experience rather than from a professional instruction manual.  Please leave feedback either in the comments section or e-mail me!  :)
The tutorial is provided below as a PDF document for you to download.  (If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free HERE.)

Click HERE to download tutorial PDF file.

Notes for the day:
Had a lovely visit yesterday evening from our foster children - the baby has a new, adorable little curl of hair - it was wonderful to hold her again.  My recovery is going well - feeling stronger each day.  Today, I'm allowed to start riding in a car, but can't drive on my own until next week.  At least I can get out for a little change of scenery!  
Hugs to everyone,

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