Sunday, May 4, 2008

Starlight: Constellations 5 - Pegasus


Starlight: Constellations
Pegasus (Winged Horse)
Today's constellation is the fifth in the series, Pegasus (Winged Horse).  As with the rest of this series, the constellation is included both with and without lines, as well as the title, all with a glow, in png format, 300 ppi.  Star light, star bright, I wonder which stars we'll share tomorrow night?  :)

Click here to download.

Notes for the day:
I am so pleased to announce that I received my first two layouts!  Arianna T. touched my heart by creating these two LO's for my 7 year old daughter, Lydia.  She used some of my designs in the first, but featured Lydia's recent artwork in both.  (See previous post to see this artwork.) It was such a sweet gesture, and meant very much to Lydia and to me.  Thank you, Arianna! LOTS of hugs to you!

We had a fun but busy day yesterday - we had our adoption class, which gave us lots to think about!  Then, we picked up the kids and took them all to the park/playground.  We sure enjoyed just watching them run around and have such a good time!
Two people have e-mailed me with trouble getting png files to open properly.  If this has happened to you, please e-mail with as much information as you can, such as the type of computer you use, the program you're trying to open the files into, and the program you used to unzip the file.  This info may help me determine what causes the issue for some and not for others.  And, of course, I will gladly find a way to get the files to you - in the past, e-mailing the file (unzipped form) directly has solved the problem.  If you want to have my designs, I'll do whatever I can to make sure you can have them, and have them working properly!  :)

Creations Using My Designs