Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Starlight: Constellations 2 - Ursa Minor


Starlight: Constellations 2

Ursa Minor (Small Bear)


Today is the second of our constellations - of course, it you have Ursa Major, you will need Ursa Minor to go along with it!  As with yesterday's design, the constellation is at 300 ppi in png format.  It includes a version with lines, as well as one without, and the title - all with a soft glow.  The constellations are enlarged for purposes of the preview, but for the actual files, I have kept them in proper proportion to each other.  I suppose I'm a stickler for details! LOL.  See you back tomorrow for more stargazing...


Click here to download.



Notes for the day:


First of all, thank you so much for all of your comments, and for those of you who wished my son well.  He's doing much better - back to school today.  


I am making considerable progress in getting my older designs onto this new site - I will post them as soon as they're ready to go!  So far, I'm loving Blogger, and plan to kiss the old site goodbye ASAP!  


I am also trying to figure out a way to share my files with you directly, so you won't have the wait time of 4Shared.  However, I'm not sure if it's possible - there may be limits on downloads with any of my other options.  That wouldn't work, because I'd hate for any of you to try to download and find that the limit for the day was already exceeded.  So, more research in store, and I'll let you know what I find out!



Hugs to all,


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Starlight: Constellations 1 - Ursa Major


Starlight: Constellations 1

Ursa Major (Great Bear)



Today begins a series of embellishments to go along with my Starlight series - the constellations!  (For those of you wishing for a more accurate night sky...)  Ursa Major was always my personal favorite (since it was the only one I could locate as a child!)  This contains overlays of the constellation both with and without lines, as well as the title, all with a soft glow.  They are in png format, created at 300 ppi. 


 Click here to download.


News for the day:

Sorry I’ve been out of commission for a few days - my son was ill, and we had a very busy weekend.  My new kit is coming soon, but I just haven’t finished the previews and breaking it down into individual png files.  


The other big news is that I have been working on a test of Blogger, since it has some very nice features and is familiar to most people.  I have received some comments that my current blog is very slow and difficult to load, and the Blogger version appears to be MUCH faster.  It is almost ready, but it’s taking some time to get set up properly.  


So, since all this has delayed the release of the big kit, in the meantime I’ll keep things going with this little constellation series.  As you’ve figured out by now, I enjoy trying to find things that are a bit uncommon, so I hope this will fit the bill!  :)


Hugs to all of you,


Friday, April 25, 2008

Theme Kit - Yard Sale Part 7: Shrubbery

Theme Kit Part 7

Yard Sale: Shrubbery



It’s Day 7 of my Yard Sale...I think we are in need of some foliage.  This kit, created at 300 ppi, gives you several shrubs and trees to decorate your landscape as you wish.  See preview for examples.  It contains a tree top, three trunks, a lemon tree, four different topiary shapes, a square bush, a round bush, square hedges, pointed hedges, three colors of urns, two rainbows, and a variety of foliage pieces you can use to make your own fruit or blossoming trees (see lemon tree as example).  The urns, trees and topiaries are included in both assembled form for simplicity and in pieces so you can customize them to suit you.  Not included are:  grass paper (available in my Yard Sale Part 1), peek-a-boo grass borders (Part 3) the sky paper (Part 3 or 4), and the fencing and arbor (both in Part 5).


Click here to download.

Let’s have some fun!

Today’s new game:  Check out the quote above - e-mail me with the source of the quote, and I’ll e-mail you the brush and color swatch I created to make the foliage in this set (commercial use OK).  Sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? hee hee...

Game #1 (still in progress):  Find the needle in the haystack from Yard Sale Part 4  to win a commercial use freebie as a prize!  Only one person has found it so far, but there’s no limit on the number of winners - so keep on looking!  Remember, it’s in the mounded haystack, not the taller, pointed one.

Thank you for all the nice comments you’ve been leaving here and on 4shared.  It makes designing worthwhile!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - I’ll be back with more freebies as soon as I can.



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Art class picture...and more goodies coming soon!

(This post, originally dated 4/23/08, was copied from my previous blog. Please view it there to see prior comments.)
I’m still working on some goodies for you...

I haven’t been able to get any postings done for a couple of days - our internet connection was down yesterday, and tonight I have big plans - my hubby and I are going shopping for Elena’s birthday.  She’ll be 5 on Sunday.  (She’s the little one with pigtails in my Peek-a-Boo Borders post.)  I still don’t know what to get her - bless her little heart, when I ask what she wants, she replies with a smile, “Just whatever people want to get me.”

I am working on a few more things to complete the Yard Sale kit - hopefully they will be posted in the next day or two.  So far, Lois is the ONLY one who found the needle in the haystack (see previous post) - I hope more of you find it soon - I know some folks who are looking hard!

Today I thought I’d share a few things with you.  First of all, my 7-year-old daughter, Lydia, has started art lessons after school once a week.  She is learning a lot, and is having so much fun exploring her passion for art.  She wants to be an art teacher someday.  Last week, she brought home her first creation from her new art class, pictured here.  If anyone has comments for her, she’d love to hear them!  :)

Also, over the last couple of days, I have been taught by my new friend Marie a bit about what “tags” and “tubes” are.  She is a tag artist and kindly made a couple of tags for me using some elements from the Yard Sale series.  This is the first time I’ve seen any creations made with my designs, so I’m very excited to share them with you!

I'll be back with more for you soon...

Theme Kit - Yard Sale Part 6: Masonry 101

(This post, originally dated 4/21/08, was copied from my previous blog. Please view it there to see prior comments.)

Theme Kit

Yard Sale Part 6

Masonry 101


It’s Day 6 of my Yard Sale...and it’s for you to do some building!  These bricks are designed for building so you can create your own customized landscaping!   See preview for examples. This kit, created at 300 ppi,  contains a rectangular brick (with and without mortar), a contoured brick, and design elements made from these bricks, which include two different brick walls and an oval brick flowerbed.  It also includes the yellow flowers with greenery and a glowing sun!  Not included are:  grass paper and hills (available in my Yard Sale Part 1), peek-a-boo grass borders (Part 3) the sky paper (Part 3 or 4), the fencing and mulch (both in Part 5), and my daughter (unavailable at present!  LOL)

Click here to download.

(Link corrected 5/3/08)

Notes for the day:

Exciting news - today I finally received the pen for my graphics tablet - and my husband arrived home from his trip, so he’s going to get it all hooked up for me!  I’ll have lots of fun learning to use it to make more goodies for you...

More fun today - I finally learned how to put blinkies in my blog!  Now, I just need to design one!

Also today, I received an e-mail from one of my very nice visitors showing me a tag someone had made using yesterday’s designs!  :)  I didn’t even know about tags or tubes...I have lots to learn!  She made up some adorable tags for me, which I’ll show you as soon as I check to be sure it’s OK with her!

I received a special request for an ice skating kit - I plan to take it on and start working on it soon.  Should be lots of fun - I used to skate (briefly) when I was in 1st or 2nd grade!  I wasn’t any good, but I sure had fun... Please let me know if you have other requests - I’d enjoy working to create just what you’re looking for!

Lots of hugs to you,


Theme Kit - Yard Sale Part 5: Lawn and Garden Accessories

(This post, originally dated 4/20/08, was copied from my previous blog. Please view it there to see prior comments.)


Theme Kit

Yard Sale Part 5

Lawn and Garden Accessories



It’s Day 5 of my Yard Sale...time to start landscaping!  This kit, created at 300 ppi,  contains white picket fencing (pointed and flat top), rose lattice, arbor, sprinkler, garden hose, riding lawnmower, mulch pile, 3 “peek-a-boo” pieces of mulch, an oval of mulch for a flowerbed, and the pink flowers and greenery seen here.  Not included: sky paper (available in Yard Sale Part 4) and grass paper (available in Yard Sale Part 1).

In case you haven’t seen previous posts, here’s how to use the “peek-a-boo” pieces: copy them into your layout in different layers, then nestle objects/flowers, etc. between the layers for a more realistic look!

Please leave some love if you like my work - it keeps me going strong! :)

Click here to download.

Notes for the day:

We have our first winner!  Hearty congratulations to Lois B., who was the first to find the needle in the haystack!  (see yesterday’s post)  Lois received the aforementioned prize, as well as a sneak peek at one of the papers from my next kit.

My friend Mandy from MeeGee Designs requested and was granted commercial use of my grass - please click here to visit her blog and see her nice results!  (She even tucked my dog, Lucy, into the papers!  LOL).

Today I received notice that one of my favorite designers actually subscribed to my blog!  Talk about feeling starstruck!  If you’re curious and want to see some awesome work and very enjoyable chit-chat, please visit her here! (Bon Scrapatit Designs)  Her “Saturday in the Park” series is amazing!

On a more personal note, I’ve been managing 5 kids by myself for about a week and a half now, while my husband has been on business trips.  He returns home tomorrow - we all missed him very much, but I hope I’m able to get a LOT of cleaning done before he comes home and realizes how much time I spent playing with Photoshop!  :)

I already have tomorrow’s freebie ready for you - get ready, you’re going to have some building to do!  My kids keep wanting to play with it!

See you all tomorrow -


Theme Kit - Yard Sale Part 4: Hay Day (and a needle in the haystack!)

(This post, originally dated 4/19/08, was copied from my previous blog. Please view it there to see prior comments.)


Theme Kit

Yard Sale Part 4

Hay Day (and a needle in the haystack!)



It’s Day 4 of my Yard Sale...and we’re going out to the farm!  Yes, there’s a needle in the haystack - find it and receive my first commercial use freebie!  (See below for details.)  This kit, created at 300 ppi,  contains two 12x12 papers (dirt and sky), two haystacks, a hay bale, some loosely scattered hay, a hayride wagon (and an empty wagon), three hay pieces and two 12-inch hay borders.  The pieces and borders are “Peek-a-Boo” style - you can use these as borders by trimming for a straight edge, or you can put the them in layers, with your favorite person or object between, so they are nestled within the hay!  See preview for examples.  The wagon and hay bale are included with and without drop shadow.  Not included: sunflowers and fence pieces (both available in my “Sunflowers for Lydia” kit).

Please remember that I’d love to see any layouts you create with my designs - hope to hear from you ! :)

Click here to download.

Notes for the day:

We have a couple of upcoming installments of the Yard Sale, then I’ll starting giving you my newest kit.  A hint: you’ll pucker up for this one!

 I started using 4shared mainly to be able to see how many downloads there were for each design.  I recently found that I get more comments on 4shared than I did before using them, I guess because you’re waiting for the download to be ready. However, I have now set up Google Analytics, and therefore if you all leave me a good dose of hugs and love here, I’ll reward you by posting the files directly on my server so you don’t have the wait time of 4shared!  Let’s see how this works out - I just really get so much joy out of hearing from you!

Hugs all around - have a great weekend!


Theme Kit - Yard Sale Part 3: Peek-a-Boo Borders

(This post, originally dated 4/17/08, was copied from my previous blog.  Please view it there if you wish to see prior comments.)

Theme Kit
Yard Sale Part 3
Peek-a-Boo Borders

It’s Day 3 of my Yard Sale...and here’s a new twist on it!  This kit includes 4 grassy borders, 300 ppi, coordinating with Part 1 of this kit, as well as the same borders in the bluegrass color from Part 2.  You also get the 12x12 sky paper.  My daughter is not included, but you can have the dog!  (or at least her picture - LOL)  You can use these as borders by trimming for a straight edge, or you can put the 4 different borders in layers, with your favorite person or object between, so they are peeking out from within the grass!  See preview for examples. I hope you have fun with this - more items in the Yard Sale soon!


Please remember that I’d love to see any layouts you create with my designs - hope to hear from you ! :) 


 Click here to download.


Notes for the day:

Sorry for not getting anything posted for you yesterday - I had a VERY busy day with the kids.  My goal is to give you a freebie a day, but honestly, with 5 kids, sometimes it just isn’t possible.  So, I’ll do my best...

I still have some more ideas for the Yard Sale kit, and I hope you’re enjoying it so far.  The next kit will follow shortly, and is almost ready - it’s a BIG one!  

Thank you again for the nice comments here and on 4shared.  I read every one of them, and appreciate them all.

Goodnight everyone,



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