Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disco Fever in Technicolor this time...

Commercial Use
Disco Ball Ornaments
Well, I had so much fun making yesterday's disco ball that I decided to give it to you in a variety of fun colors - I think they would make great little ornaments, so I also included a little silver ornament hanger loop.  It's a separate file, so you can use these with or without the loop - without, you could use them to decorate your frames, flowers, tags, etc., especially if you shrink them to near-sequin size!  The set includes the disco ball in 17 different colors, including the grayscale version so you can color it to your own liking.  I found that as far as blending modes for the color overlay, color burn worked best for dark colors, and vivid light worked best for lighter colors.  I hope you'll enjoy using these - they are for personal or commercial use, and I'd LOVE to see anything you make with them (or any of my designs!)
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR DESIGNERS - ANYONE WANT A FREE CU ACTION?:  I am working on an action to make it easy to separate your small elements (especially alphas) and save them into individual png files in one step with a Photoshop action.  I used this action on today's freebie, and had also used it on my Lemon Jell-O Alpha.  (Worked great, at least for me, LOL!) Right now, the completed version has been tested for Mac, in Photoshop CS3 Extended.  I also have access to a PC, so I'm working on a version for PC as well. I would like to see if anyone will test this action for me on other versions of Photoshop, both on Mac and PC.  I want to make sure it's adequately tested before releasing it widely.  So, please click link under my photo at top of page to e-mail me if you are interested! (Please be sure to tell me whether you're using Mac or PC, and which version of Photoshop.)

Click HERE to download.
(Link now corrected - sorry for any inconvenience!)

Notes for the day:
My daughter, Lydia and I both had add-ons listed by Pamela at Digitreats today - it's so much fun to share the fun of designing with my little girl! There are lots of add-ons on Pamela's site, and her latest Jump elements are just adorable - so click HERE to jump/skip/run over to Digitreats to check it out...
I'm still playing with the "stone wall" creations (see yesterday's post) - more freebies for you very soon!  
Hugs to everyone,

Creations Using My Designs