Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disco Fever! (from a stone wall....)

Element, Background, Overlay
Commercial Use
Disco Ball
Hi, there!  Well, I got just enough stuff off my hard drive that I could create a little something for you...so here is today's freebie for CU.  It's a shiny disco ball, with the background included as a 12x12 paper.  All created at 300 ppi.  I also included a separate overlay of the scattered reflections, so that if you want to place people or objects on the background,  you can put reflections over them as well.  Believe it or not, this disco ball was created using the following photo of a stone wall I saw on my weekend vacation!

 Click HERE to download.

Notes for the day:
So, today's CU freebie is another of your "thank-you" gifts for helping me reach my goals.  I guess now I'll have to set some new goals and keep the gifts coming at you!  
This weekend, I had fun with my camera, looking for interesting textures to use in designing.  I loved the look of this wall, and I'm having fun seeing how many different things I can design from this one photo.  So, more freebies coming soon!  :)

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