Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Bow of Many Colors...

Templates and Layered PSD file - Embellishment
Commercial Use
Multilayered Stitched Bow
I really enjoyed making today's freebie - I had a request for layered templates, and later a request for a particular bow, and this was the result.  Everything was created at 300 ppi, one is a PSD and the rest are PNG's, and all are available for commercial use.
Most importantly for designers, I think, is the layered PSD file.  It contains one layer for the center stripe, one layer for colored stitched edging, and another layer for gold edging, so you can choose which edging style you want.  The color overlays are already in place - all you need to do is select the layers you want, double-click on the color fill layer and select your colors.
And...for those of you without Photoshop, I have also included grayscale templates you can use for your designing.  There are 4 templates: one with a gold edge (you can just select the grayscale portion before recoloring), then three with the edge in a dark, medium and light shade, respectively.
There are also 30 completed bows, in many colors - 18 are in the same color scheme used in my prior CU freebies and 12 are in a variety of other colors.  The latter are primarily to show you the multitude of looks you can achieve by using one color for the center and another color for the edging.
Please let me know what you think of this - and please send me previews of any kits you make with it - I'd love to see your creations! :)
Click HERE to download Part I (the layered PSD file and the grayscale templates).
Click HERE to download Part II (the colored bows that coordinate with my prior CU freebies).
Click HERE to download Part III (the bows in assorted colors).

Notes for the day:
First of all, thank you SO much to those of you who have participated so far in helping the foster mother described  at the top of my blog.  Some fellow bloggers have even kindly offered to spread the word on their own blogs, for which I am VERY grateful!  So far, I have been able to purchase some of her most-needed items, and will be working on cleaning them up this weekend. Your donations, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated - every bit helps!
On another wonderful note, our foster children got to return home with us this morning!  It was SO good to cuddle them in my arms again!  I am now healed enough to lift the baby's weight, but I'm not sure how long before I can carry the toddlers.  But, healing is going well - feeling stronger each day.
Hugs to everyone,

Creations Using My Designs