Thursday, April 24, 2008

Theme Kit - Yard Sale Part 5: Lawn and Garden Accessories

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Theme Kit

Yard Sale Part 5

Lawn and Garden Accessories



It’s Day 5 of my Yard Sale...time to start landscaping!  This kit, created at 300 ppi,  contains white picket fencing (pointed and flat top), rose lattice, arbor, sprinkler, garden hose, riding lawnmower, mulch pile, 3 “peek-a-boo” pieces of mulch, an oval of mulch for a flowerbed, and the pink flowers and greenery seen here.  Not included: sky paper (available in Yard Sale Part 4) and grass paper (available in Yard Sale Part 1).

In case you haven’t seen previous posts, here’s how to use the “peek-a-boo” pieces: copy them into your layout in different layers, then nestle objects/flowers, etc. between the layers for a more realistic look!

Please leave some love if you like my work - it keeps me going strong! :)

Click here to download.

Notes for the day:

We have our first winner!  Hearty congratulations to Lois B., who was the first to find the needle in the haystack!  (see yesterday’s post)  Lois received the aforementioned prize, as well as a sneak peek at one of the papers from my next kit.

My friend Mandy from MeeGee Designs requested and was granted commercial use of my grass - please click here to visit her blog and see her nice results!  (She even tucked my dog, Lucy, into the papers!  LOL).

Today I received notice that one of my favorite designers actually subscribed to my blog!  Talk about feeling starstruck!  If you’re curious and want to see some awesome work and very enjoyable chit-chat, please visit her here! (Bon Scrapatit Designs)  Her “Saturday in the Park” series is amazing!

On a more personal note, I’ve been managing 5 kids by myself for about a week and a half now, while my husband has been on business trips.  He returns home tomorrow - we all missed him very much, but I hope I’m able to get a LOT of cleaning done before he comes home and realizes how much time I spent playing with Photoshop!  :)

I already have tomorrow’s freebie ready for you - get ready, you’re going to have some building to do!  My kids keep wanting to play with it!

See you all tomorrow -



Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sue said...

Thanks for these cute accessories for your yard sale kit. The sprinkler is so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much for sharing your creations with the Shadowboxes, and the Backyard Set, and the Curio Cabinets!
Beautiful elements for great Layouts!

Creations Using My Designs