Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pretty Kitty Paper

(This post, originally dated 3/30/08, was copied from my previous blog.  Please view it there if you wish to see prior comments.)

Themed Paper
Pretty Kitty
This is a single sheet of 12x12 paper, 300 ppi, in deep aqua, with a faux-finish (sponging or ragging) look, a hint of linen texture and a spotlight effect, with my cat in a bookshelf in the lower third.  This was created in loving memory of my faithful friend Shaundy, who left this world in November 2006.

Click here to download.

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MissLilly said...

Absolutely gorgeous in every way,I already have a vision of a layout using this awesome design & adding my precious kitty Skitz along side of your kitty,'RIP' I will be sure to email you the finished product for you to have a look at,Thank you so much for this & for all of your talent that you so generously share,have I told you lately that YOU ROCK!!! Because you really do xoxo

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