Saturday, June 7, 2008

For the Love of Lemons: Lemon Kitchen

Theme Kit

For the Love of Lemons
Lemon Kitchen
Today, let's go to the kitchen for some more lemons!   I have always loved seeing lemon kitchen items - and last year, I finally had my kitchen painted yellow and filled it with just about all the lemon-themed goodies I could find - dishtowels and potholders, a ceramic spoon rest, salt and pepper shakers, wall decorations, and even a kitchen timer shaped like a lemon!  (The timer is probably my favorite of all.)  So, I'd like to share some "kitcheny" lemons with you, too.  This installment of my "For the Love of Lemons" includes lemon-adorned recipe cards in 3x5 inch and 4x6 inch sizes, an 8.5x11 inch piece of stationery, and a bowl of lemons.  All items are created at 300 ppi.  Sorry, the cabinet is "for display only"...but check back tomorrow for a download full of display items - hint, hint!  :)

Click here to download.

Notes for the day:
My husband has been out of town for about a week now, leaving me to manage 5 small children on my own.  I just got the baby down to sleep, the boys crashed a while ago, my 5-year old is curled up and "ZZZ"ing away on the couch, and my 7-year old curled up in the chair next to me, now snoring on my shoulder as I write this.  So, I'll be brief...don't want to miss MY chance to catch a few winks!  
I had a message from Josey a few days ago asking the total number of files in the updated "Painted Odds and Ends" download. Josey, there are 16 total, but the TOU is in each of the 2 parts, so there are actually 15 unique files.  The chipboard bracket without the png extension can be deleted - it's the old version.  Sorry for the confusion!
By the way, my friend Erika at Curly Wirly Twirly Girlies has been posting some really pretty and unique freebies - she's really on a roll!  She also very generously shared the tricks she has been using for her latest creations. You might want to hop on over there and check it out... :)
I'm so saddened that Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps has bowed out of the freebie business - she was unfortunately a victim of piracy, and had someone giving away her pay kits.  Worse yet, when she posted a blog entry about it, suddenly the number of downloads for her kits on the pirate's site skyrocketed - people visiting her own blog took advantage of her plight and went to the pirate's site to snag the pay items for free.  It's so sad that some people spoil the joy of this for so many others.  The loss of Lisa in the digiscrap freebie community is great (for example, see her chrome beaded swirl in my last set - a high-quality action she gave for free), but she does still have her store open and has lots of neat stuff in it.  Click HERE to visit her store, Designer Scraps...her items are listed under "Sophisticated Scraps Kits" as well as "Commercial Use" and probably sections I have yet to browse...
OK, so I guess I wasn't so brief after all - oh well, it gave me chance to snuggle my sleeping child a bit longer!  

Hugs to everyone,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne! Thanks for the new lemon goodies! Sounds like you've probably had a hectic week and you don't sound the least bit stressed! Good for you! I bet you turn each day into lemonade! Hope all the children have a wonderful, happy summer!

Aunt Anne

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this part too! Thank you so much for making this awesome kit! It's fabulous! It really is a shame that your friend, Lisa was pirated...I'll never understand what, or where, the satifaction comes from stealing another person's work. Being an only parent, I truly appreciate all the wonderful freebies that you talented designers work so hard to make...and just give away. It allows me to have a hobby that I enjoy and can AFFORD to have. The gorgeous keepsakes that I can make from your (and others) items are treasures that I hope my children will have for all their lives and will pass on--it also lets my creativity roam freely, which is something I thought I had lost, LOL! Thank you for your time, hard work and talent--and for giving so generously so that we can all enjoy your creations! Blessings and ((((((Hugzz)))))

Patamomma said...

Thanks Jeanne for the wonderful kit. I love all the pieces. I'm sorry to here about your friend being pirated. Patty

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for yet another AWESOME part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!

judi said...

Thank You, I'm a recipe digiscrapper and these are sooooooooooo cute.

Connie said...

Thanks so much for sharing Jeanne. This s a great kit. I love cherry furniture too. Great job on the cabinet. I would love to see how someone uses it in a LO. I'm not creative enough I don't think to do it justice.

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