Sunday, July 13, 2008

More ribbons and the answer to yesterday's mystery

Commercial Use
Satin Ribbons II, Satin Ribbon Curls
First of all, for our freebie of the are some more ribbons for you, again in dark and light gray for recoloring, as well as in 12 additional colors, coordinating with my other CU items.  This set includes a straight satin ribbon, as well as a satin ribbon curl.  Each is 12 inches long, created at 300 ppi, in a png file.  I hope you enjoy them!  

Click HERE to download straight satin ribbons.
Click HERE to download satin ribbon curls.

The Mystery's Solved!
Thank you for all your wonderful guesses as to the mystery object used to make yesterday's overlays!  Congratulations to Patamomma for guessing it first!  Click HERE for the answer.
A kit using some of my recent CU ribbons:
Dinphy was the one who requested ribbons in the first place - and here's why...she just completed this gorgeous kit, "Old Love," and I'm proud that some of my CU ribbons were used in it!  Click HERE to go to Dinphy's site and get her beautiful (and free) kit!
My first tutorial is on its request
Thank you to Sharon for her question yesterday regarding how to use overlays.  So, Sharon, I am making a tutorial for you!  Rather than making an incredibly long post, I will make it as a PDF document - I expect to have it ready for you in the next day or two.  Here is a preview of what you will learn to do in this tutorial, all using the same background color, with my Mystery Overlay from yesterday...


Hugs to all of you,


Anonymous said...

myscrapbook says. thank you for all your great designs. they are fabulous.

Nelda said...

I enjoy reading your log and snagging your freebies. Now just need to put them to use...
I am from the Indy area and as interested to read that yo had been to the Children's Museum recently. Great place itsn't it?
I hope you are doing well after the surgery. I am in the medical field as well - but no kids at home and still working hard. I "borrow" kids when I need them, my frineds are alays have to let me have them for an afternoon or so.
I would love to learn some more PS & PSE stuff (I am a frustrated artist underneath it all), so I am looking forward to your tutorials. TSM! (check out my blog if you are interested, it's abut my recent missions trip to a clinic in Honduras. Never quite finished it after I got back.)

Elizabeth said...

These are really nice ribbons, and I am also looking forward to your tut about overlays. I need to learn the program I own, I got PS when they offered an upgrade at a nice price, got to start somewhere and overlays seem a good place! Thank you and hope your recovery is continuing to go well!

Mozz said...

The ribbons look lovely and I shall add them to my collection..
I am working on a QP that uses one of your doilies and also there is a luckydip bag up as well that I used half lol of one as its part of a cluster..
They are fun to play with :)
*hugz* thank you yet again :)

Dinphy said...

Yay, more ribbons!! Love them, thank you so much! Cute curls too, snagged them also. ;)
Thank you for plugging me, it's such fun to see my preview on your blog!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 14 Jul [LA 02:21am, NY 04:21am, UK 09:21am, OZ 07:21pm]).

Deb said...

Thank you so much for the ribbon freebies! Snagging them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ribbon and the curls! I wouldn't have guessed the mystery quiz in at least 1,000 years. That was pretty tricky. Hope you have a great day!

Aunt Anne

Lisa said...

I love the idea of straight,12" long, pieces in all different colors. Maybe you could make some in different color solid paper. :)

HarleyGirl said...

thanks so much for sharing the ribbons

Christine said...

Thanks for these ribbons and I'm looking forward to a tutorial on overlays too.

Sue said...

Beautiful ribbons --- Thank you! :)

TinaMagicalWorld said...

Thank you for all your great shares! I grabbed lots of them, thank you sooooo much ;o) These are gorgeous! HUGS

annaica said...

thank you so much!

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