Friday, July 25, 2008

Pregnant Foster Mom with Cancer Needs Help

The following is the story of "Mrs. A." as was previously at the top of my blog.  I have updated the story there, but wanted to keep the original details of her plight in a post, so those who don't know about her yet can find out what this assistance effort is all about.  So, here it is:
Hi, everyone - I wanted to let you know about a dreadful situation I was called about several days ago.  As most of you know, I'm a foster mother - I received a call that another foster mom is in serious trouble and needs help. (I'll call her "Mrs. A.")  Here's her story: She has 5 children ages from around 7 to 18 or so (some biological, some foster).  She found out she was pregnant just after she found out she has breast cancer.  She has had some chemo during pregnancy, but not the strongest kind because of the baby.  Now she has metastatic cancer in other organs, so they have to take the baby early to give her more aggressive chemotherapy.  On top of that, her husband was laid off a few weeks ago, and since he's a union worker, he can't look for another job because they will lose their health insurance.  They don't have enough money for their house payments, and they had NOTHING for the baby (a boy) except a changing table.  And, they are STILL committed to helping the children in their home.  Even with their struggles, they are dedicated to helping others. Some friends and I are doing all we can to help her - we're buying furniture, clothing, bottles, diapers, and all we can for her. But, we can't do it alone.  With your kindness and generosity, we have most of the gear the baby will need, but still need to help with diapers, formula, etc.  Also, they are in desperate need of help with electricity and mortgage bills, groceries, etc.

I offer all my designs to you for free, and will continue to do so. Considering that, if you feel that you have benefitted from my designs, I hope that in return you might consider making a donation to help Mrs. A. and her family. Please click the Donate button (at the top of blog page) if you would like to participate - even the smallest amounts will help. Even if you cannot donate, thoughts and prayers for the family would be appreciated as well. Thank you for anything you can do! 

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Charo said...

Con toda mi alma espero que entienda español. MI inglés es muy pobre,sobre todo escrito.

Soy una ex-terapeuta en homeopatía (Homeopathy) entre otras ramas de la salud alternativa y masajes. Por motivos que no vienen al caso ahora, no ejerzo desde hace 7 años.
Y por supuesto me apasiona la cretividad,el diseño, el scrapbooking.
Pero ante todo mi vida, mi mundo, es la medicina......Por ello, su historia de la Sra parte el alma.
Ruego a Dios y a todas las fuerzas Celestes le den LUZ, FUERZA y todo lo bello que seguro merecen.
Y que su esposo encuentre un trabajo pronto.

Ojala el Gobierno de su Pais en este caso,haga PATRIA de VERDAD con esta familia y con todas aquellas que realmente necesitan de su ayuda.

Querida "COMPAÑERA" VENDE tus creaciones y que ese dinero sea para LA SEÑORA A y familia. No quita que regales algunas de ellas.
Hay muchas WEBS que se dedican a ello.Seguro las conoces ,pero por si acaso...

entre otras.


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